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How To Find The Perfect Business Partner

Posted by Paul Vella on January 13, 2015

Brian Scudamore

When entrepreneur Brian Scudamore went looking for a business partner three years ago he gathered his LinkedIn contact list and fired off a mass e-mail describing his perfect match.

He received a number of suggestions, including three people in three different parts of North America who recommended one guy: Erik Church.

After 14 months and interviews with about 75 candidates, Mr. Scudamore picked Mr. Church to be president and chief operating officer of O2E Brands, the company that oversees his three franchise companies: 1-800-GOT-JUNK, Wow 1 Day Painting, and You Move Me.
“I believe in two-box leadership – that the head position of the company is better served by two people with complimentary strengths and weaknesses,” Mr. Scudamore says. “Where I’m the vision guy and the culture guy, I needed an executor.”

The social media outreach worked so well that Mr. Scudamore is using it again to find a business partner to run the flagship franchise for Wow 1 Day Painting. Read more...

Why Smart Entrepreneurs Separate Personal From Business Credit

Posted by Paul Vella on January 12, 2015

business credit

If you’re thinking about building business credit that’s separate from your personal credit, congratulations! It’s nearly impossible to scale a business using your personal finances alone, so taking this step shows you’re serious about growing something special.

When starting out, most business owners are forced to rely on their personal credit profile because they simply don’t have a business credit history. But as you grow, you can expect to use credit at ten times the rate of a consumer. Eventually, your personal credit won’t be enough.

So, before you charge another business expense on your personal credit, let’s look more at why (and how) you should build a separate business credit profile. Read more...

Businesses for Sale & Best Franchise Opportunities in Canada

Posted by Paul Vella on January 12, 2015

Be the Boss website is a one-stop shop for finding the best franchise opportunities for sale in Canada. Search their franchise directory to get a jump-start on the Canadian franchise opportunity or business for sale that you've been looking for. It's easy to search Canadian franchises by industry, investment, province, or company name, to help in your quest in finding the top franchise opportunity or business for sale in Canada.

Click here for more information...

Landscaping Equipment Financing

Posted by Paul Vella on January 8, 2015

lease landscape equipment

Running a successful landscaping business requires solid skills and solid equipment. You've got the skills and all you need now is the commercial grade equipment. Landscaping equipment financing with Equilease is the best way to get everything from mowers to blowers and any other gear you need without tying up your ready capital. Equilease serves landscaping businesses large and small, helping them become more competitive and profitable. Call us today 1-800-463-2081 to replace your worn out or broken-down equipment.

One of our Latest Deals

Posted by Paul Vella on January 5, 2015

equipment leasing

One of our Latest Deals: Chassis Dynamometer System $89k @ 36 months

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