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Join Canada's Most Successful Businesswomen

Posted by Paul Vella on April 28, 2015


Meet and learn from the country's top female entrepreneurs at the W100 Idea Exchange.

Whether you’re a W100 leader or just starting out, the W100 Idea Exchange will help you develop the leadership skills needed to build a more profitable and personally fulfilling business. It provides a unique opportunity to share best practices with other leading women entrepreneurs, to learn from management experts about today’s key business opportunities and challenges, and to create personal connections that can last a lifetime. Read more...

Software Lease Financing

Posted by Paul Vella on April 24, 2015

computer software financing

Software accounts for an ever-increasing percentage of overall IT budgets. Businesses must find ways to capitalize on an explosion of big data, a hyper-connected society, demanding customers and the push for innovation. Funding new projects is often a challenge, especially when up to 70% of most technology budgets are spent maintaining and operating the current organization, systems and equipment. Equilease will help your business adopt a strategic approach to meet your short and long-term project goals by removing budget obstacles so you can access the IT financing required to support your vision of growth and success! Call us today 1-800-463-2081

How Ottawa's Budget Will Influence Manufacturing and Internal Trade

Posted by Paul Vella on April 22, 2015

federal budget 2015

With the oil industry reeling from low prices and Southwestern Ontario a key battleground in the next election, it should come as no surprise to find an emphasis on manufacturing in the budget. Unlike Budget 2014, which was sprinkled with references to manufacturing, the 2015 edition contains both a subchapter and annex titled “Supporting the Manufacturing Sector.” The industry should be pleased-though there will be some disappointment at the lack of policies around market access to the United States.

The most notable change for manufacturers is a 10-year extension of the accelerated capital cost allowance (ACCA) provisions, which were set to expire this year. The ACCA allows manufacturing companies to depreciate, for tax purposes, the value of newly purchased equipment and machinery at the accelerated rate of 50 per cent per year, reducing their taxable income in the first few years of owning the asset. Read more...

The Best Way to Look for the Next Big Thing

Posted by Paul Vella on April 21, 2015


The opportunity to innovate may be right in front of your eyes, but turn around or blink and you’ll miss it. Seizing on a moment of potential growth or creativity is about having the right field of vision. Think of watching a spectacular sunrise. People often miss out on sunrises because they’re not looking in the right place. They can’t see the horizon. They can only see the light of the sun when it’s high in the sky, and by then it’s too late–the sun has already risen.

The same thing is true of entrepreneurs, who often look in the wrong places at the wrong time. Many seek out the so-called next big thing when they want to innovate, searching for medical breakthroughs or new technologies. But in reality, anticipation of these major developments and discoveries requires a very high level of expertise and access to research databases and universities. These are things that entrepreneurs simply don’t have at their disposal. Read more...

The Container Store CEO Shares His Best Advice For Small-Business Owners

Posted by equilease_admin on April 21, 2015

the container store

The Container Store started in 1978 as a wacky idea among three friends to start a business that sold only containers.

With an initial investment of $35,000, appealing products, and smart marketing, it quickly caught on. Today, it has 6,000 employees, 67 locations in the US, and annual sales of nearly $800 million.

We recently caught up with cofounder and CEO Kip Tindell, author of new book "Uncontainable: How Passion, Commitment, and Conscious Capitalism Built a Business Where Everyone Thrives," and asked him to share his best advice for entrepreneurs and small-business owners who hope to follow in his footsteps. Read more...

How Canada’s Competition Bureau Makes Products More Expensive

Posted by Paul Vella on April 21, 2015

canada's competition bureau

Our competition watchdog is going after retailers for discounting too much. It’s perversely anti-consumer.

Maybe you bought a Kingsdown Romance Collection Sanctuary II Queen Euro-Top mattress from Sears recently. Maybe you think you got it on sale. Should you be losing sleep over it?

Recently Canada’s Competition Bureau initiated legal action against Sears Canada and Hudson’s Bay Co., demanding documentation on pricing, sales volumes and promotional strategies for their mattress businesses. The bureau says it has reason to believe the stores “failed to offer certain sleep sets at the regular price or higher for a substantial period of time [and]…did not sell a substantial volume of some sleep sets at the regular price or higher for a substantial period of time.” Also, it seems those clearance deals went on for a suspiciously long time. The country’s competition watchdog suspects both stores have been holding phony mattress sales. Read more...

Financing Security Monitoring Systems for your Business

Posted by Paul Vella on April 17, 2015


The security industry has grown exponentially in recent years as the need to mitigate threats to individuals, property, information and infrastructure has become a top global priority. Equilease provides a broad range of lease financing options for complete commercial alarm and monitoring systems including access control and cctv surveillance. Call us today to secure all of your assets 1-800-463-2081

Financing Woodworking Equipment

Posted by Paul Vella on April 10, 2015


At Equilease, we have been providing woodworking businesses with the best equipment financing options in the industry since 1991. We understand that each woodworking business is different than the next. One company might rely solely on one piece of equipment, while another might use many different tools which is why we offer leasing for various tools and equipment including: milling machines, router tables, engraving machines, saws, planers, drills, lathes and wood finishing equipment. Let us show you why we are one of the most sought after woodworking equipment leasing companies in Canada. Call us today! 1-800-463-2081

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