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Lease Financing for iPads

Posted by Paul Vella on May 29, 2015

financing ipads

iPads have become an indispensable tool for today's workforce, the device of choice among business people of all ages, equally appealing across all industries. ‪Salespeople‬ use them to demo products, ‪‎dentists‬ use them to display "before & afters" in their waiting room, ‎photographers‬ use them to share their portfolio and ‎executives‬ use them to present data--the applications are virtually endless. Equilease will outfit your entire team with up-to-the-minute iPads to keep your business competitive and relevant. ($1,500 minimum order) Call us today 1-800-463-2081

What Do People Check the Price of Most?

Posted by Paul Vella on May 28, 2015

Google Search Tricks

Here's a map of Canadian cost obsessions based on Google search data.

From tattoos to taxis, if there’s one thing Canadians have in common, it’s our love of a good deal.

By using Google’s autocomplete function, the Star analyzed what item people were most likely to price-check for in each city. In Saskatoon, people were most likely to search for the cost of a tattoo. In Toronto, it was a nanny.

People were overwhelmingly concerned with the cost of transportation; In 11 out of the 24 cities analyzed, the most popular search was for a taxi or cab.

The idea comes from this nifty map, created by cost-guide website the Fixr, which tracked “cost obsessions” across the globe. Raul Amoros, who created the map, said autocomplete is a good way of measuring Google users’ search intentions.


Conference Room Furniture and AV System Lease Financing

Posted by Paul Vella on May 22, 2015

finance conference room equipment

Conference room technology and presentation requirements have changed from relying solely upon furnished presentation sources to the need to support BYOT (Bring Your Own Technology). Modern conference rooms must have AV systems designed to provide support for legacy as well as current sources; tomorrow's technology while utilizing today's equipment in a cost effective way. Equilease will ensure that your conference room is equipped with all of the technology and furnishings necessary to support your existing needs as well as future requirements. Call us today 1-800-463-2081

PM Announces New Tax Rules for Equipment Write-offs

Posted by Paul Vella on May 20, 2015

Stephen Harper

Manufacturers will be able to write off equipment more quickly under proposed tax rule changes. The idea is to provide a faster capital cost allowance. The rate climbs to 50 per cent for machinery and equipment, up from 30 per cent. The plan is to have it in effect for 10 years -- starting for assets acquired this year. The government says manufacturers will be able to plan better. Prime Minister Stephen Harper, who made the announcement in Windsor, Ont. on May 14, says the measure will help manufacturers create jobs. Read more...

Will Tesla Beat iPhone to First $1 Billion in Sales?

Posted by Paul Vella on May 19, 2015


Tesla’s new line of big, stackable batteries for homes and businesses started with a bang. The reservations reported in the first week are valued at roughly $800 million, according to numbers crunched by Bloomberg Business. 

If Tesla converts even a fraction of those reservations into actual sales, the battery roll-out could measure up as one of the biggest ever for a new product category. Read more...

8 Lessons from Poker That Will Make You a Better Entrepreneur

Posted by Paul Vella on May 19, 2015


Since none of the founders had a technical background, BloomNation needed capital to pay a developer to build a proof of concept. In 2010 Daneshgar decided to enter a tournament in Los Angeles that had a grand prize of $30,000. He won it, BloomNation's site got built, and after going through the MuckerLabs accelerator the company got $1.7 million in seed capital from Andreessen Horowitz, Chicago Ventures, and Spark Capital. Read more...

The Secret to Closing Online Sales

Posted by Paul Vella on May 19, 2015

how to close more online sales

In online marketing, the idea that a consumer will see your advertisement and then immediately click through and become a customer has long been known to be fantasy. As a rule of thumb, advertising experts believe that it takes an average of five “impressions” of your brand in order for an individual to form enough of a bond to become your customer. They might, in fact, click your ads or experience your brand several times before they become a purchaser. Read more...

Financing Phone Systems for Business

Posted by Paul Vella on May 19, 2015

financing phone system

Phones are an essential tool for every business, regardless of size and industry. Today's phone systems are scalable and offer a vast array of features like auto-attendant functionality, conferencing and unified messaging. Equilease provides total lease financing packages for your business's comprehensive communications plan. Call us today 1-800-463-2081

One of our Latest Deals

Posted by Paul Vella on May 11, 2015

equipment leasing

One of our Latest Deals: 15 Manac Dry Van Trailers $474,000 @ 60 months

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