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Lease Financing for Film Production Equipment

Posted by Paul Vella on July 21, 2015

filmmaking equipment leasing

Arts and culture are essential to Canada's economy. The film, television and new ‪‎media‬ industry is big business. Toronto is the third largest screen-based production centre in North America, behind Los Angeles & New York City. Toronto's film & television industry employs more than 25,000 people & contributed $1.29 billion to the provincial economy in 2014. The upcoming blockbuster Suicide Squad is currently filming in locations all across Toronto. Equilease has been a proud supporter of the industry for over 20 years, supplying filmmakers with all of their crucial equipment for big budget shoots, from custom cameras to lighting systems & field mixers. We offer Great Lease Rates plus special lease financing programs created specifically for the filmmaking industry. Call us today 1-800-463-2081 Read more...

3 Simple Steps to Gain More Business from Existing Customers

Posted by Paul Vella on July 13, 2015

grow revenue with equipment leasing

When developing a business, it’s common to think you have to look outside your current customer base for new opportunities. However, while diversifying your income stream is a good idea for many reasons, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t also seek more business from your existing clients. Read more...

The 25 Richest Self-Made Billionaires

Posted by Paul Vella on July 13, 2015

richest self made billionaires

There are two types of billionaires: those who inherited their wealth, and those who built it from nothing. Wealth-X, a firm that does research and net worth valuations on ultra-high net worth individuals, focused on the latter to compile a list of the wealthiest self-made billionaires in the world.

From tech mogul Bill Gates to Alibaba founder Jack Ma, here's who made the list. Read more...

Four Companies Hoping to Cash In on the Pan Am Games

Posted by equilease_admin on July 13, 2015

Toronto 2015 Pan Am Games

The Pan Am Games are a mixed bag for the small business community in Ontario. While some have bemoaned the traffic delays, HOV lanes and general headaches brought on by the international sporting event, others are looking for opportunities to attract new customers, build buzz and create unique products. Here are a four small businesses hoping to cash in on the Games. Read more...

Material Handling Equipment Lease Financing

Posted by Paul Vella on July 13, 2015


Equilease is Canada's leading independent lessor of material handling and heavy equipment for the manufacturing, automotive, packaged goods and consumer products industries. Our leasing experts assist clients at every stage of the process, including the planning of equipment acquisitions. We will make specific recommendations about customized products and lease terms and know when to retire a lease versus renew one. Through our leadership, you get the best return on your equipment investment. Call us today 1-800-463-2081

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