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One of our Latest Deals

Posted by Paul Vella on September 28, 2015

Adobe Software Financing

One of our Latest Deals: Adobe Creative Cloud Design Software‬ $226,000 @ 36 months

3D Printing System Lease Financing

Posted by Paul Vella on September 25, 2015

3D printer equipment leasing

3D Printing Systems provide a fast and accurate means of production. Engineers can easily evaluate the performance of a printed tool and make quick, cost-efficient adjustments to the design as needed before going into full production. Printing a low-volume production run can maximize sales opportunities while minimizing cost and lead time because there's no minimum quantity requirement. Plus, part complexity doesn't add time or cost so production can begin as soon as the CAD files are sent to the 3D production system. Whether the 3D printer will be used for production, design or to see your ideas come to life by using an individual desktop unit, Equilease can provide the lease financing you need for the entire system--including software. Call us today 1-800-463-2081

Point of Sale (POS) Equipment Lease Financing

Posted by Paul Vella on September 18, 2015

pos system leasing

A full-featured Point of Sale (POS) system is essential to the smooth operation of any restaurant, cafe or bar. A complete POS system includes a touchscreen monitor, a micro-computer, a receipt printer, cash drawer, kitchen printer and kitchen monitors. The right POS will give a 360-degree view of the customer, increase cashier productivity and reduce fraud. Equilease can even include the cost of software, delivery, installation and training in addition to hardware into the lease of your new POS system. Our expert leasing advisors are here to help your business grow & succeed with the right tools. Call us today 1-800-463-2081

Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies 2015

Posted by Paul Vella on September 17, 2015

2015 Profit 500 List

Equilease is proud to be the leasing partner of some of these incredible companies! The 500 firms created 71,882 new full-time jobs between them—that’s 144 new jobs for each company on the ranking. As analysts fret about the state of the Canadian economy, these businesspeople quietly move forward, signing new deals, expanding into new markets and launching new products. That’s good news for their bottom lines, but also for their communities and the country as a whole. Read more...

Personal Branding for Photographers

Posted by Paul Vella on September 15, 2015

leasing photography equipment

Since photographers usually work as solo artists, they often don't think of themselves, or market themselves, in terms of corporate branding. However, building a strong brand in the mind of your audience/potential clients is probably the most important thing you can do to take your career as a photographer to the next level. And your lack of a strong personal brand could be the only thing standing between you and that next big client. Here are some basics on personal branding for photographers. Read more...

Why Your Sales Team Isn’t Closing Deals

Posted by Paul Vella on September 10, 2015


Can't get prospective clients to sign on the dotted line? What might be causing your closing problems and how to seal the deal.

“My company’s prospect pipeline is full, and my small sales team seems to spend all their time on the phones talking to potential clients. But when it comes time to do the deal, not many prospects sign on the dotted line. How can we get better at closing?” Here’s what the experts have to say: Read more...

15 Smart Things to Say That Will Reassure People You're a True Professional

Posted by Paul Vella on September 9, 2015


What's the difference between knowing what you're doing and the separate (but also quite useful) attribute of looking as if you know what you're doing?

We've explored this recently, when I wrote about the time I was on an airplane with a pilot whose cavalier attitude scared all of the passengers. (I don't know if he's good at flying planes, but I know we didn't trust him.) And about the guy who walked up to a group of us and swore several times in his first few phrases. (Is he good at his job? I don't know, because nobody was willing to give him a chance after that inauspicious start.)

Whether we like it or not, people make snap judgments about us all the time. So while it's crucial that you develop expertise, it's also crucial that you send the right signals that you deserve the confidence of others. Read more...

One of our Latest Deals

Posted by Paul Vella on September 1, 2015

Ricoh Printer Lease

One of our Latest Deals: Ricoh Pro C7110X Commercial Production Printer $104,000 @ 36 months

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