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Posted by Paul Vella on November 20, 2015

sale leaseback

Turn Your Equipment Into Cash -- FAST!
Have you bought equipment in the previous 6 months which is now interfering with your cash flow? Do you need working capital for your next project? We can turn your equipment into cash -- fast!

Our Sale-Leaseback program can turn your equipment into liquid assets, quickly releasing capital for other investments or upgrades. This is an attractive option for those who enjoy credit card reward points, but still want the advantages of leasing for their business. This program is available for any asset purchased from any dealer/retailer. Call us today 1-800-463-2081

Holiday Shopping Trends 2015: Three Predictions for Retailers

Posted by Paul Vella on November 18, 2015

holiday shopping trends 2015

Micro-moments are changing how we shop. As people increasingly turn to mobile devices, search, and YouTube to inform purchases, Matt Lawson, Google’s director of performance ads marketing, makes three predictions for retailers to take note of this coming holiday season.

Shopping will happen in moments, not marathons, this holiday season. Rather than relying on daylong trips to the mall or camping out overnight during Black Friday, shoppers will be turning to their mobile phones in hundreds of micro-moments, every day, all season long. Read more...

Beauty & Spa Equipment Leasing

Posted by Paul Vella on November 16, 2015

Spa Equipment Leasing

The estimated global market size of the beauty and anti-aging industry is $1.025 trillion; The revenue of the U.S. spa industry is $14 billion; U.S. spas had 160 million visits in 2014. Canada's beauty and spa industry is growing at an equally impressive rate and Equilease is proud to be a small part in that success! We have helped businesses small and large obtain equipment, keeping beauty salons and spas current with the latest trends in the industry. Call us today to see how our expert leasing advisors can help your business 1-800-463-2081

Why Jim Balsillie Thinks the TPP is Bad for Canadian Businesses

Posted by Paul Vella on November 11, 2015

Jim Balsillie

The former RIM co-CEO believes the free trade deal will stifle innovation and limit growth. Balsillie warned that the Liberals' plan to run budgetary deficits of up to $10 billion in each of the next three years could pale in comparison to what could be lost in the country's ideas economy because of the TPP. "These provisions are more important by far- times 10-than anything else in the agreement," he said. "But we're having no discussion on it."  Read more...

5 Tips on Managing Cash Flow for a Seasonal Business

Posted by Paul Vella on November 10, 2015

managing cash flow for seasonal businesses

Nathan Devey, CPA, writes "The concepts of contracting employees and leasing equipment are similar; both are intended to retain resources for definite terms. While it may seem foreign to lease office and computer equipment, you might be surprised by the options. Even specialized equipment can be leased. If golf courses and tanning salons can lease equipment, then your business most likely can too – and without the traditional upfront cash outlay."  Read more...

The Fundamentals of Leasing Business Equipment

Posted by Paul Vella on November 9, 2015

research equipment leasing

Entrepreneur Magazine provides a general summary of Equipment Leasing, including potential cost savings and other tips. The Equipment Leasing and Finance Association estimates that four-fifths of businesses lease at least some of their equipment -- a testament to the usefulness of the practice.  Read more...

Facebook May Be The Strongest Marketing Tool You Have

Posted by Paul Vella on November 4, 2015

marketing on facebook

Facebook has become the largest and most effective market research organization in the world. And hardly anybody realizes the volume of data that marketers with a free Facebook ads account (using its "Audience Insights" tool) can pull from it.  Read more...

8 Tested Sales Tactics That Never Fail

Posted by Paul Vella on November 2, 2015

best sales tactics

Sales is the lifeblood of a business. But keeping a steady flow of transactions going takes hard work and no small amount of skill. Successful salespeople and teams need to know exactly what to do and say at every step of the process, from lining up prospects to closing deals.  Read more...

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