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Artwork Financing

Posted by Paul Vella on May 31, 2016

artwork financing

One of our Latest Deals: The Young Cavalier oil painting‬ by artist Isidor Kaufmann. Equilease worked with one of Canada's best remote backup & recovery service providers to acquire a unique piece from Christie's Auctions to add to the art collection at their office headquarters. The company offers innovative & cost-effective data backup & storage solutions as an alternative to tape-based data recovery systems. They work with businesses of all sizes that want to safeguard their critical data in a secure, off-site location. Founded in 1766, Christie's offers around 350 auctions annually in over 80 categories, including art, jewelry, wine and collectibles

Equilease provides financing for most types of art. Call 1-800-463-2081 to see how easy it is to lease or finance artwork for your office.

Looking to Expand to the U.S.? Take Note of These Eight Basic Differences Between Us

Posted by equilease_admin on May 25, 2016

how to expand a canadian business in to the united states

Canada and the United States share the world’s longest unprotected border, a common language, billions of dollars in annual trade and generally similar laws. But dig deeper and the contrast between the two becomes obvious, particularly on the business front.

From employment laws to general business practices, more than a few Canadian entrepreneurs have taken a bottom line hit thanks to a lack of preparation before doing business in the United States. With a weaker Canadian dollar encouraging more Canadian entrepreneurs to do business south of the border, these are the challenges they need to understand. Read More...

5 Easy Ways to Improve Customer Service Over the Phone

Posted by equilease_admin on May 22, 2016

5 Easy Ways to Improve Customer Service Over the Phone

A single bad call can ruin a relationship. Here are some tips on making sure clients hang up happy...

Bad customer service ruins your brand,” says communications expert Elaine Allison. “Everyone knows that customers will tell more people when they’ve had a bad experience, whereas they will forgive a business if it tries.” Here, the customer service guru shares her tips for optimal communication over the phone. Read More...

Salesforce founder Parker Harris on how companies innovate

Posted by equilease_admin on May 21, 2016


The co-founder of the pioneering SaaS company explains how it handles new ideas and stays ahead of technology trends. Here’s how...

We have no shortage of ideas, of people who want to build things, or have directions we could go. It’s almost endless. Most companies have all kind of innovation happening inside their companies, they just can’t figure out how to do anything with any of it. Read More...

How to Reinvent a Traditional Family Business for the Modern Consumer

Posted by equilease_admin on May 20, 2016

Noura Sakkijha of Mejuri Jewellery

Third-generation jeweller Noura Sakkijha is dragging the industry into the digital age with Mejuri. Here’s how...

As a younger woman, I wanted to shop for jewelry, but the options I had were either classic, expensive fine jewelry or costume jewelry that was fun and cheap but disposable. There was a gap in the market, which was filled by independent designers. But in order to survive, they had to mark up their product and sell through wholesale channels, which removes contact with the customer, minimizes the brand experience and makes the product more expensive than it has to be. Read More...

Christiaens Agro Systems Financing

Posted by Paul Vella on May 19, 2016

Christiaens Agro Systems Financing

One of our Latest Deals: Christiaens Agro Systems Grading Line for mini cucumbers and bell peppers. Equilease worked with growers of top-quality vegetables to acquire new equipment for their growing family-run business. Based in Leamington, Ontario with greenhouse operations in California and Mexico, they are able to provide customers with premium quality vegetables every day of the year. Christiaens‬ Agro Systems developed a special Grading Line‬ for vegetables which can be graded by length, thickness, shape, weight and coloration. The machine has a modular construction allowing it to be easily extended.

Equilease provides financing for all Christiaens Agro Systems products. Call 1-800-463-2081 to see how easy it is to lease or finance your agriculture equipment.

Meet The Marketer Behind the Raptors’ #WeTheNorth Campaign

Posted by equilease_admin on May 17, 2016


Shannon Hosford oversaw one of the most successful rebranding efforts Canadian sports has ever seen. Here’s how...

"The thing that I love about We The North is that it’s authentic, it’s about who we are as Canadians. We spun all the negative things about where we come from into a positive; it might be cold but we are the north and we’re proud of it. I think a lot of people gravitated towards the spin because it resonated with them." - Shannon Hosford Read More...

What People Are Paid Across Canada Today

Posted by equilease_admin on May 16, 2016

salaries in canada

The average offered hourly wage across Canada is $18.95, according to Statistic Canada’s latest survey on job vacancies and wages. The Northwest Territories has the highest average offered hourly wage, at $25.35, while Prince Edward Island has the lowest, at $14.15.

The survey, a quarterly review that collects information from all business locations in Canada, found that British Columbia has the highest job vacancy rate, at 2.8%, while Quebec has the lowest job vacancy rate, at 1.6%. Read More...

Adobe Financing

Posted by Paul Vella on May 11, 2016

adobe creative cloud software financing

One of our Latest Deals: Adobe Creative Cloud design software $226,000 @ 36 months. Equilease worked with one of Canada's largest full service ‪architectural practices to acquire ‪‎software for the thriving firm. Headquartered in Toronto and with offices across the globe, the firm is internationally recognized for excellence in sustainable design, technical expertise and the delivery of complex, large-scale projects. ‪‎Adobe‬'s creative, marketing and document solutions empower everyone from emerging artists to global brands, helping to bring digital creations to the right person at the right moment.

Equilease provides financing for all Adobe software products. Call 1-800-463-2081 to see how easy it is to have your software leased or financed.

How To Set More Profitable Prices

Posted by equilease_admin on May 10, 2016

how to set profitable prices for your business

If you’re like many entrepreneurs, there’s not much science to your pricing strategy. Maybe you choose a particular profit margin and apply it across the board. Or perhaps you simply match your competitors’ prices for similar products.

If any of these common tactics sound familiar, you’re likely leaving money on the table, according to Rafi Mohammed. Mohammed, the founder of Cambridge, Mass.-based pricing consultancy Culture of Profit LLC and the author of The 1% Windfall: How Companies Use Price to Profit and Grow, believes that most entrepreneurs do a lousy job of setting prices, largely because most have other things on their minds. “It’s hard to get a business going. If you get people in the door, you’re happy,” he says. “But once you’ve established your product, you’ve found people to buy it and you’re looking to grow, you should spend some time focusing on pricing.” Read More...

Stratasys Financing

Posted by Paul Vella on May 9, 2016

Stratasys 3D Printer financing

One of our Latest Deals: Stratasys Objet260‬ Dental Selection 3D Printer $122,000 @ 36 months. Equilease worked with a full service dental‬ laboratory in Gatineau, ‪‎Quebec‬ to acquire new production equipment to meet the demands of their growing operation. The 3D‬ printer produces impressively realistic results for a variety of dental & ‪‎orthodontic ‬applications including implant testing & single or group models.


Equilease provides financing for all Stratasys products. Call 1-800-463-2081 to see how easy it is to have your equipment leased or financed.

The Problem With Getting Stuck in the Middle of a Growing Market

Posted by equilease_admin on May 6, 2016

pet store

Pet parents—those doting cat and dog owners who will shell out big bucks for organic food, doggie daycare or even spa treatments—are driving a booming industry in Canada. But shoppers looking for bargains or specialty products and services are pushing out mid-size chains from an otherwise growing market. Read More...

What Retailers Can Learn from Indigo’s Incredible Comeback

Posted by equilease_admin on May 6, 2016

Indigo toronto

Indigo is a case study of what makes for a successful retailer in 2016. Yes, it’s part of the digital herd, with online sales up by 18% over the Christmas season. The company has also recognized that having an online presence takes care of those consumers who are fixated on convenience. But surviving in the bricks-and-mortar business is about something else: It means thinking of every reason that a customer might visit your store and then crossing “easy access to my products” from the list. Read More...

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