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Franchise Industry Would Not Benefit From Proposed Changes To Employment Law In Ontario

Posted by equilease_admin on August 29, 2016

Franchise industry would not benefit from proposed changes to employment law in Ontario

There are many reasons to franchise your business. By granting a franchisee the right and license to operate an outlet under a brand, a franchise network can disseminate its goods and services at a pace and across territories that corporate development alone may not be able to achieve.

Of the numerous arguments in favour of expansion by way of franchising, franchisors will often cite employment considerations. In particular, a franchisor may prefer the franchise model since those numerous outlets operating under the same brand are not staffed by employees of the franchisor. Not only does this present significant cost savings opportunities, but it also means that the franchisor need not be responsible for all the legal liabilities that can arise in an employer-employee relationship. Those liabilities belong to the franchisee employer. Read Mo‪re...

Meet The Pioneering Designer Behind Gord Downie’s Suits

Posted by equilease_admin on August 26, 2016

Meet Izzy Camilleri the fashion designer behind Gord Downie's metallic suits

Izzy Camilleri collaborated with the Tragically Hip frontman for his dazzling tour wardrobe. But her bigger business is a wheelchair-friendly fashion line

The Tragically Hip wraps up their final tour this weekend, and once the lights are out and the set list starts fading from memory, one thing we’ll remember is Gord Downie’s wardrobe. Pink, turquoise, silver, and gold—all bright metallic and leather—the colourful array of suits have become instantly iconic. Izzy Camilleri is the designer behind the dazzling look— a look she admittedly wasn’t sure Downie could pull off at first. When she’s not designing suits for The Hip frontman, Camilleri is working on her clothing line for wheelchair users called IZ Adaptive. We caught up with her to chat about blazing new trails in the fashion industry, working with Gord Downie, and the surprising power clothing has to lift our spirits. Read Mo‪re...

What’s Next For Canada Goose

Posted by equilease_admin on August 25, 2016

Dani Reiss Canada Goose Factory

Dani Reiss on building an authentic brand, the importance of bricks-and-mortar, and the risks and rewards of expanding beyond the iconic Canada Goose winter parka

When it comes to uniquely Canadian brands, Canada Goose stands front and center. The Toronto-based manufacturer of down-filled winter jackets has built a reputation as a luxury brand ever since president and CEO Dani Reiss took over the company in 2001.

Long before it became the hottest trend in branding, Reiss built his Canada Goose’s image around the notion of authenticity.  The company’s marketing has always focused on the quality of its made-in-Canada parkas, which are versatile enough to be worn by urban condo-dwellers and arctic explorers alike. It’s paid off—Canada Goose has made the PROFIT 500 Ranking of Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies for several years running, placing No. 101 on the 2015 list. Read Mo‪re...

Why Startups Should Sell to Big Companies First

Posted by equilease_admin on August 23, 2016

Why Startups Should Sell to Big Companies First

W100 winner Carol Leaman ignored the conventional "start small" growth model and pursued billion-dollar companies straight out of the gate

When Carol Leaman took over as president and CEO of Axonify, the Waterloo-based e-learning company had exactly one client.

Mind you, that client was not your typical first customer. Most startups start with small businesses, who typically have less complicated and lengthy procurement processes and are more willing to work with unknown partners. By contrast, Axonify’s initial sale was an American automotive parts retailer called Pep Boys, with $2 billion in revenue and a fleet of 20,000 employees.

Leaman admits that signing Pep Boys to Axonify, which develops game- and incentive-based employee training software, took a bit of luck. But once the company was in the Axonify fold, keeping it and finding other giant corporations to partner with was easy. Soon, Leaman was selling her product to Toys R Us, Walmart, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, and FedEx, to name just a few. Read Mo‪re...

How The Internet Of Things Is Going To Transform Retail

Posted by equilease_admin on August 17, 2016

internet of things

“We are entering into an era of deep personalization where everything from our bodies to our homes are interconnected,” declares a recent report by MaRS Discovery District. The report—Canada’s Innovation Landscape: Consumer & Commerce—outlines some of the fastest growing industries in the country. One of the most-hyped but still poorly understood technologies the report covers is the “Internet Of Things.”

IoT technology has long garnered a certain degree of public mockery, of the “Why do I need my fridge connected to the Internet?” variety. But, the report argues, this is a simplification of an industry that will soon come to revolutionize commerce as we know it.

“Obviously IoT is somewhat vague and nebulous to a lot people,” admits one of the report’s authors, Sue McGill. “When you actually look at the definition of IoT, simply put, it’s about connecting any device or object to the Internet. So that includes everything from your cellphone to your car engine—and it includes people.” Read Mo‪re...

Winning Over The Savvy Shopper

Posted by equilease_admin on August 16, 2016

how to win over the savvy shopper

Consumers are wising up to pricing tricks, and retailers need to pay attention.

It’s no secret that Canadians love deals. The chaos of Black Friday and Boxing Day are prime examples, but everyday sales and special promotions can be an irresistible draw for shoppers as well. In fact, according to a recent survey commissioned by Queen’s University’s Smith School of Business, 91 per cent of Canadians admit they receive “great happiness or pleasure” from a good sale or discount.

Still, we’re not as gullible as those numbers make it seem; the same survey revealed that when it comes to those flashy sales, Canadians are divided on whether they are actually getting a deal. The web is the reason for this skepticism says Yuri Levin, professor of operations management at Smith School of Business and director of the Master of Management Analytics program. Read Mo‪re...

5 Steps to Turn Your Small Firm Into an International Franchisor

Posted by equilease_admin on August 15, 2016

how to become an international franchisor

Driving serious growth is easier when you spread the work—and the rewards. How franchising can help you build a global enterprise.

Four years into the venture, I decided to write a franchise strategy into my business plan. It seemed like the fastest way to expand nationally and internationally. We began with two franchises as a test, and two years later Spray-Net is the fastest growing home-improvement franchisor in the country. With one in every major Canadian city between the coasts, and U.S. housing prices steadily increasing, we’re now taking our business model across the border.

Here’s how to use franchising to grow your small business at home and abroad: Read Mo‪re...

What Businesses Can Do When Faced With Social Media Hostility

Posted by equilease_admin on August 12, 2016

What Businesses Can Do When Faced with Social Media Hostility

Transit agencies and airlines bombarded with angry and abusive posts are responding in different ways.

union grievance over abusive tweets directed at some Toronto Transit Commission employees has drawn attention to the way organizations handle hostility on social media. A provincial labour arbitrator ruled earlier this month that the TTC had “failed to take all reasonable and practical measures” to protect its employees from derogatory comments tweeted to the @TTChelps handle.

The decision stemmed from a 2013 complaint by the Amalgamated Transit Unions Local 113 over tweets that included personal attacks, profane language and disparaging remarks about TTC employees, including racist and homophobic slurs.

TTC personnel who run the Twitter account usually reply to such tweets by acknowledging the customer’s frustration and asking them to refrain from making offensive comments. Read Mo‪re...

Lease Financing for Film Production Equipment

Posted by equilease_admin on August 10, 2016

Lease Financing for Film Production Equipment

Arts and culture are essential to Canada's economy. The film, television and new media industry is big business. Toronto is the third largest screen-based production centre in North America, behind Los Angeles & New York City. Toronto's film & television industry employs more than 25,000 people & contributed $1.29 billion to the provincial economy in 2014. The upcoming blockbuster Suicide Squad filmed in locations all across Toronto in 2015. Equilease has been a proud supporter of the industry for over 20 years, supplying filmmakers with all of their crucial equipment for big budget shoots, from custom cameras to lighting systems & field mixers. We offer Great Lease Rates plus special lease financing programs created specifically for the filmmaking industry. Read more...

Equilease provides financing for all types of film production equipment from all retailers and dealers. Call 1-800-463-2081 to see how easy it is to lease or finance equipment for your next shoot!

The Top Mistakes Small Business Owners Make - How B2B Small Business Drops The Ball

Posted by equilease_admin on August 9, 2016

top mistakes small business owners make and how to fix them

The Small Business B2B Call to Action Study of 200 websites found that companies routinely fail to include special offers and related incentives. Even basics like "Contact Info" and a phone number often aren't prominent. Here are some highlights:  Read Mo‪re...

Provincial trade deal would be a wealth creator for all regions

Posted by equilease_admin on August 9, 2016

The Canadian Free Trade Agreement (CFTA)

It was interesting to see how a meagre 191-word document signed by all premiers on internal free trade was lauded as a major coup for Confederation. The Canadian Free Trade Agreement (CFTA) was signed recently at the annual premiers’ summit in Whitehorse. It may take months before we know what products are included in the deal, and what is not. For years, restrictions among provinces prevented many food products such as dairy, wines and beer from flowing freely across the country. We can certainly celebrate the good will of our provincial leaders, but we should all remain cautiously optimistic. Read Mo‪re...

How to Become the Ultimate Leader

Posted by equilease_admin on August 8, 2016

Christine Sinclair Canada's Soccer Team Captain

26 skills every entrepreneur and manager needs now, with tips from the pros—including Canada women's soccer team captain Christine Sinclair—on how to develop them.

PROFIT asked the pros from the worlds of business, art, sports and science for their top tips and tactics for team building, decision making, productivity, work-life balance and much, much more.

Here are 26 skills ever leader needs now, with expert advice on how to develop them. Read Mo‪re...

The 3 Inherent Traits of Great Salespeople

Posted by equilease_admin on August 4, 2016

Inherent Traits of Great Salespeople

Some people are simply made of the right stuff to be stellar sellers “When you look at any top sales performer, their success transcends what they do,” says Keith Rosen, author of “Coaching Salespeople into Sales Champions.” “It is more who they are, how they communicate and, most important, how they think that makes them truly great.”

Of the many innate traits that define a great salesperson, pay special attention to these three when hiring: Read Mo‪re...

Bizstarters Helps Entrepreneurs Over 50 Build Businesses

Posted by equilease_admin on August 3, 2016

Bizstarters Helps Entrepreneurs Over 50 Build Businesses

Starting a business isn’t always easy. But there’s help out there. And if you’re an entrepreneur over 50, that help might come in the form of

The company provides coaching and support for entrepreneurs in the Baby Boomer generation. Read about how the business got started and what it does. Read Mo‪re...

Things Your Business Should Do During the Summer Slowdown

Posted by equilease_admin on August 2, 2016

5 Things Your Business Should Do During the Summer Slowdown

It’s the dead of summer. If it seems like your clients are MIA, your office is running at half capacity and your once-overflowing inbox is almost suspiciously empty, then it’s fair to say that the summer slowdown has taken effect in your business. The “season of auto-reply” may be frustrating for those who are ready to charge ahead, but just because your industry may be on pause doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of these calmer months.

In fact, summer’s slowdown can actually be a great time to harness growth, build stronger relationships and cultivate new leads. Here are five initiatives you can start right now to gain a competitive edge when everyone comes back to work. Read Mo‪re...

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