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How to Build a Huge Social Media Following

Posted by equilease_admin on September 30, 2016

How To Build A Huge Social Media Following YouTube star and author Matthew Santoro

YouTube star and author Matthew Santoro built an army of followers across multiple social networks by turning his fans into his collaborators

“Originally, I started making comedy sketches and a few videos that used a Top 10 list format. I started to notice the Top 10 videos were getting significantly more views than the sketches. I was at a personal crossroads because I wanted to make people laugh; I didn’t necessarily want to be known as the Top 10 guy. Then I realized I could integrate that comedy into the Top 10 videos. Instead of fighting my own success, I just embraced what was working.” Read Mo‪re...

The Secret to True Business Excellence

Posted by equilease_admin on September 29, 2016

Tom Peters author of In Search of Excellence

Management guru and bestselling author Tom Peters explains what separates stellar businesses from those that struggle

Tom Peters knows what makes businesses great. Since co-authoring the 1982 management classic In Search of Excellence, Peters has devoted his career to highlighting what separates companies that excel from those that fizzle, (He’s done so to great personal success; the man has sold more than 10 million books). He’s been lauded as a management guru whose ideas are irreverent as they are important.

Ahead of his October 20 appearance at the 2016 GREAT CEOs Speaker Series in Mississauga, Ont., Peters discussed the value of short-term thinking, the beauty of mid-sized businesses and what leadership should look like today. Read Mo‪re...

Lease Financing for Dexis CariVu Digital X-ray System

Posted by equilease_admin on September 28, 2016

leasing dexis carivu xray system

One of our Latest Deals: Dexis CariVu Digital X-ray & Imaging System $6,800 @ 60 months. Equilease worked with a family dentist in Mississauga to provide their growing practice with a highly advanced caries detection device. Our client provides patients with a full range of general & cosmetic dentistry services. Whether its fixing smiles, repairing cavities or replacing missing teeth, they work with their patients to create a personalized care plan.

About Our Vendor: Henry Schein Canada is the largest provider of healthcare products & services to office-based dental, animal health & medical practitioners. Over the course of their 84 years in business, Henry Schein has become a Fortune 500 company with over 19,000 employees operating in 33 countries. The company offers a comprehensive selection of products including the DEXIS Dental Imaging CariVu device. The CariVu is a compact, portable caries detection device that uses patented transillumination technology to identify caries & cracks -- an ideal alternative diagnostic method for those patients who refuse to have X-rays taken.

Equilease provides financing for all makes and models of digital X-ray and Imaging systems from all dealers. Call 1-800-463-2081 to see how easy it is to lease equipment!

Amazon Announces Free Same-Day Delivery in Toronto to Prime Customers

Posted by equilease_admin on September 27, 2016

Amazon announces free same-day delivery in Toronto

After raising its free-shipping minimum to $35 from $25, announces free same-day shipping for Prime members in Toronto and Vancouver

Amazon announced today it will offer free same-day shipping, seven days a week, to customers with Prime memberships in Toronto and Vancouver who order more than $25-worth of merchandise from the website.

The announcement was made a week after the online retailer increased its free-shipping minimum to non-members to $35.

“It really allows you to order online with a much greater level of convenience,” said Alexandre Gagnon, country manager for, who has himself used the service while travelling. Read Mo‪re...

Lease Financing for NewTek Video System

Posted by equilease_admin on September 21, 2016

newtek tricaster leasing

One of our Latest Deals: NewTek TriCaster 8000 Live Video System $52,000 @36 months. Equilease worked with an internet live streaming sports broadcaster to provide their growing operation with cutting-edge video equipment. Their broadcasts include pre and post game analysis, game commentary and athlete profiles all wrapped up in professional calibre multi camera game coverage.

About Our Vendor: Applied Electronics Limited is a family-run business which started in 1958 with one office in Toronto and quickly expanded to six locations across Canada. They have become a national leader in digitally-based production equipment by offering advanced products like the TricCaster 8000 live video system.

Equilease provides financing for all makes and models of audio-video equipment from all retailers and dealers. Call 1-800-463-2081 to see how easy it is to lease equipment!

Why Nordstrom is likely to succeed where Target failed

Posted by equilease_admin on September 20, 2016

Nordstrom Canada

Two years after the spectacular flameout of Target Canada, why would another U.S.-based department store merchant, Nordstrom Inc., take a chance on the often perilous Canadian market?

Seattle-based Nordstrom, which opened its first GTA store Friday at the Toronto Eaton Centre and opens a second store at Yorkdale Shopping Centre next month, is also an upscale merchant chancing a Canadian market that did not support discounter Target.

At a time when Canadian household debt is at near-record levels, the Target Canada post-mortem of analysts that Canadian consumers are skin-flinted would seem to augur poorly for Nordstrom. The same applies to Lowe’s, the U.S. hardware and home furnishings chain, and the venerable Quebec department store chain La Maison Simons, also rolling the dice on Canadian expansions. Read Mo‪re...

Meet the 2016 PROFIT 500

Posted by equilease_admin on September 19, 2016

What does it take to build one of Canada's Fastest-Growing Companies? 39 facts about the companies on Profit's annual list of the country's rapidly-expanding firms and the entrepreneurs behind them

The 2016 PROFIT 500 are awesomesauce. Want proof? The companies on this year’s list grew sales by an average of 686%over the past five years. (Or had a median growth rate of 219%, for you nerds). It’s pretty impressive, considering that over the same period, Canada’s GDP shrunk by close to 4%.

Some winners got here by selling really cool stuff, like deluxe knives (Knifewear, No. 123), family-friendly video games (Big Blue Bubble, No. 131) and ultralight wheelchairs (Motion Composites, No. 91). Far more trade in less glam—but equally lucrative—fields: 44% of companies on the ranking provide services to other businesses. Read Mo‪re...

15 Time Management Tips From Exceptionally Productive Entrepreneurs

Posted by equilease_admin on September 15, 2016

While we all have the same amount of time, we don't all use it in the same way. Here are 15 ways productive people make good on their time

What if you could get more done without feeling overwhelmed, overworked, and overloaded?

Very productive people do it all the time. It actually has less to do with what you do as much as how you spend your time.

In 15 Secrets Successful People Know About Time ManagementKevin Kruse shares the habits of successful and productive billionaires, athletes, students, and entrepreneurs. 

Unlike many productivity and management books, Kruse's is very human and relatable. Here are 15 things amazingly productive people do differently, according to his research, and how you can be one of them:

 Read Mo‪re...

Lease Financing for Fujitsu HVAC Equipment

Posted by equilease_admin on September 13, 2016

We worked with an opera house in Nova Scotia to provide their 109 year-old building with a state-of-the-art HVAC system. The fully-restored landmark is located within the boundaries of the UNESCO World Heritage town of Lunenburg and is a vibrant venue for the arts, housing a mix of theatre, music & comedy performances.

About Our Vendor: Northern Climate Mechanical is a full-service HVAC company servicing commercial & residential customers across Nova Scotia. They are highly dedicated to customer satisfaction and offer only the highest quality materials & equipment like Fujitsu's energy efficient heating & cooling solutions.
Equilease provides financing for all types of HVAC equipment from all retailers and dealers. Call 1-800-463-2081 to see how easy it is to lease equipment!

Daughter of Equilease's President Sings Her Way Into The Heart of Bruce Springsteen

Posted by equilease_admin on September 6, 2016

Bruce Springsteen and Maddie Abbott

Ten-year-old Maddie Abbott of Toronto is “The future of Rock and Roll,” according to the legendary Bruce Springsteen, who yelled it out at a recent concert.

Maddie quite literally took over the stage from The Boss at a Bruce Springsteen concert at the United Centre in Chicago at the end of August, during his U.S. tour.

After Springsteen noticed Maddie’s decorated handmade Bristol board poster, on which she wrote, “It’s my 1st Show and I’m Waitin’ on A Sunny Day,” the superstar performer brought her on stage. She hugged him, then he put her on his shoulders and walked across the stage, before the confident girl took the microphone out of his hand, and sang the chorus to “Waitin’ on A Sunny Day” solo, pumping her fists to a roaring crowd of more than 20,000 Springsteen fans. The Boss, meanwhile, looked on astonished and gave Maddie’s mother two thumbs up.

“It was one of two best experiences of my life,” gushes Maddie, who wants to be a performer and takes singing and acting lessons. “The first best experience of my life is that I was born. The second was being on stage with Bruce Springsteen,” she says. “But if I wasn’t born, then that would have never happened!” Read Mo‪re...

What Salespeople Can Learn From Oprah’s Favourite Things

Posted by equilease_admin on September 2, 2016

What Salespeople Can Learn From Oprah’s Favourite Things

Getting the attention of prospects has never been more challenging. This innovative strategy can help you cut through the noise and win over potential clients

This is one of the most difficult times in history to be in sales. Prospects have greater access to information than ever before, but also more messages coming to them through more communication channels than ever before.

Barraged by offers and contacts, decision makers are increasingly tuning out anything that doesn’t directly benefit them here and now. Companies are going to great lengths to avoid talking to salespeople—some will now only take outside messages by fax, and others are including middle initials in email addresses to make them harder to guess.

How’s a salesperson supposed to break through and get prospects’ attention in this new reality? Stop selling, and start giving. I don’t mean a whitepaper or an infographic—those are good assets, but everyone is using them now. Your offering needs to be different, valuable, and memorable. Read Mo‪re...

Best Places For Business in Canada

Posted by equilease_admin on September 1, 2016

best places for business in canada

This list highlights the cities and districts that go the extra mile to make businesses feel appreciated. They have the lowest property tax mill rates, the fastest processing times for building permits, the most affordable and hassle-free business licensing and more. Read Mo‪re...

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