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The 5 Elements of an Effective Incentive Plan

Posted by equilease_admin on October 28, 2016

employee incentive plan

Competitive compensation strategies for the growing company

It’s easy to forget that when you’re interviewing potential employees, they’re assessing you, too. And for a small business who might not be able to compete with bigger entities on salary or prestige, incentive plans can be a key factor in recruiting top candidates.

But how do you offer enticing incentives without overspending? Here are some practical ideas for developing incentive plans that work. Read Mo‪re...

Belgium Agrees to Back Canada-EU Trade Deal

Posted by equilease_admin on October 27, 2016

CETA approves Canada

A spokesman for Trade Minister Chrystia Freeland greets the news positively and says Canada had “done its job,” but there was still work to do

Canada’s trade deal with Europe has taken a critical step to becoming a reality but a wary International Trade Minister Chrystia Freeland is warning that hurdles remain.

Belgium on Thursday agreed to sign on to the Canada-European Union trade deal after resolving internal differences that had delayed Thursday’s planned signing ceremony.

After days of tension and last-minute negotiations, Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel confirmed that the impasse over the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement had been broken.

“Belgian agreement on CETA. All parliaments are now able to approve by tomorrow at midnight. Important step for EU and Canada,” he said on Twitter.

Freeland on Thursday hailed the announcement as a positive step in a week marked by dramatic ups and downs that had left the agreement – seven years in the making – in limbo. Read Mo‪re...

Here's the Trick Amazon Uses to Brainstorm Amazing Ideas

Posted by equilease_admin on October 26, 2016

Here's the Trick Amazon Uses to Brainstorm Amazing Ideas

It's all about figuring out where to start

Business has been booming for Amazon, and the future looks bright.

One of the surprise contributors to this success is the Amazon Echo, a smart speaker that's capable of answering your questions, playing back music and podcasts, and controlling smart devices in your home.

Disclosure: I don't own an Echo, and I made fun of its debut (because I found the initial ads pretty creepy). But the device has gotten rave reviews from major outlets like CNET, Recode, and The New York Times, to name just a few. And on, it's received more than 44,000 reviews to date, with an average rating of 4.5 stars (out of five).

So how exactly did the Echo come to be?

It seems that the Amazon team started with a form of strategic thinking known as retrograde analysis.

Or, as it's more commonly known, working backwards. Read Mo‪re...

Lease Financing for MRM Rotary Pressure Fillers

Posted by equilease_admin on October 25, 2016


One of our Latest Deals: MRM Rotary Pressure Filler $27,000 @36 months. Equilease worked with an industry leading manufacturer of traditional & green private label cleaning products & detergents. Our client is deeply committed to the environment. They make considerable efforts to utilize sustainable raw materials & minimize waste & energy consumption in the manufacturing process.

About Our Vendor: Galick Packaging Equipment Ltd. is one of Canada's largest dealers of quality new & used process & packaging machinery. They supply equipment & services to the pharmaceutical, food & beverage industry including an extensive variety of fillers, labelers, cappers and conveyors.

Equilease provides financing for all makes and models of packing equipment from all dealers. Call 1-800-463-2081 to see how easy it is to lease equipment with us!

7 Ways to Build the Perfect Small Business

Posted by equilease_admin on October 24, 2016

7 Ways to Build the Perfect Small Business

Size needn't dictate success. To celebrate Small Business Week, here are some crucial skills and strategies that can help you outshine the competition, sell more and build a top-notch workforce

venture needn’t be huge to be mighty. With a few simple changes, your company will run a like dream, outsell its rivals and lead the pack. To celebrate Small Business Week, here are some crucial skills and strategies that will help your firm punch above its weight. Read Mo‪re...

Apple's Next Goal Is Killing Paper Money Once and For All

Posted by equilease_admin on October 19, 2016

Apple Pay

Apple CEO Tim Cook has an idea for the future—eliminating cash.

Apple Pay could be the “catalyst” that ultimately gets the world to switch from cash to digital payments, he told the Japanese news service Nikkei in an interview published on Monday.

“We would like to be a catalyst for taking cash out of the system,” Cook said. “We don’t think the consumer particularly likes cash.” Read Mo‪re...

Lease Financing for Fulton Steam Boilers

Posted by equilease_admin on October 18, 2016


One of our Latest Deals: Fulton Classic Vertical Tubeless Steam Boiler $23,000 @ 60 months. Equilease worked with a neighbourhood dry cleaners in Toronto to replace their aging cleaning equipment with a high efficiency system. Our client has been in the dry cleaning business for two generations. They specialize in providing hassle-free laundry services and can boast that they know the names of over 95% of their customers!

About Our Vendor: Dalex Canada is a proven leader in the supply of equipment and services to the fabricare & laundry industry. They carry a comprehensive line of cleaning equipment & supplies from leading manufacturers and work with small fabricare professionals to large, established commercial laundries, hospitality and health care facilities. They service such notable businesses as Casino Niagara, Regency Care Nursing Homes and The Sutton Place Hotels in Toronto.

Equilease provides financing for all makes and models of steam boilers, hydronic boilers and thermal fluid heaters from all dealers. Call 1-800-463-2081 to see how easy it is to lease equipment!

Canada’s Best Brands 2017: The Top 25

Posted by equilease_admin on October 17, 2016


Each year, Canadian Business conducts a national survey to ask Canadian consumers for their opinion on which brands are winning their hearts, minds and—most importantly—wallets. This list shows not just which companies have name recognition, but which ones are truly resonating in the marketplace. Read Mo‪re...

Why Canada’s Tourism Sector is Set to Take Off

Posted by equilease_admin on October 11, 2016

Canada’s Tourism Sector is Set to Take Off

Hotels, airlines, tour operators and restaurants are set to reap the upside of a low loonie and low oil prices, as more and more travelers flock here on holiday

decade ago, amid a global commodity boom, then-prime minister Stephen Harper called Canada an “emerging energy superpower.” And so it was, until slowing demand for natural resources in China and a related drop in the price of oil and other raw materials saw Canada’s economy tank in 2015.

With no turnaround in sight, Canadians are finally appreciating that the country needs to transition from commodities to grow our economy. Poised for particular growth is tourism, one of a few sectors benefiting from a Canadian dollar that’s tumbled in lock-step with oil’s decline. Read Mo‪re...

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