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L.L. Bean - Proof That Nostalgia Really Sells

Posted by equilease_admin on November 30, 2016

LL Bean

Bootmaker L.L. Bean is ramping up production to meet demand as retro becomes the new consumer must-have

L.L. Bean is kicking it up a notch as demand continues to surge for its iconic boot. The Maine-based outdoors retailer has leased a larger, 110,000-square-foot building and plans to install a third injection-moulding machine to manufacture the rubber soles. It’s also hiring 100 more workers in the new year to make the boots.

Annual sales have grown from fewer than 100,000 a decade ago to more than 600,000 this year. The company expects to top 700,000 next year and 1 million in 2018.

A combination of form, function and nostalgia is behind the demand, said Willie Lambert, Bean’s merchandising manager for footwear. “It’d kind of like everything old is new again,” Lambert said. “They’re gravitating to the past and anchoring themselves into it.” Read Mo‪re...

Inside Frank Stronach’s Plan to Put a Grass-Fed Steak on Every Plate

Posted by equilease_admin on November 29, 2016

frank stronach adena farms

The Magna founder is already a business legend. His new project, Adena Farms, has another audacious goal: shaking up the cattle-ranching business

Florida is home to many wonders, both natural (the Everglades) and man-made (Disney World). Adena Farms fits each category. It’s a burgeoning grass-fed cattle farm and production facility in Florida operated by Frank Stronach, the 83-year-old Canadian billionaire. But because this is Florida, which has a reputation for being, well, a little strange, there is something odd about Adena, too: Stronach, the aspiring beef magnate, is predominantly vegetarian. Don’t get hung up on that apparent contradiction, though. There is money to be made. Read Mo‪re...

Why You Shouldn’t Try to Reduce Your Taxes Too Much

Posted by equilease_admin on November 28, 2016

latest tax tips for entrepreneurs

When the New York Times ran a story detailing how Donald Trump allegedly deployed questionable tactics to avoid paying taxes for nearly 20 years beginning in the early 1990s—swapping equity for debt as a means to avoid seeking forgiveness on millions of dollars in loans, all of which would have been taxed as income, thereby offsetting the losses he used to offset taxes otherwise payable—critics immediately erupted at what they felt must surely have been illegal maneuvers.

Only they weren’t, at least not at the time. What’s important to note is that even Trump’s accountants and lawyers counselled against such an aggressive tax approach, saying that the moves would most certainly fail to withstand scrutiny should he be audited. (The President-Elect is, as it happens, under audit from the Internal Revenue Service.) The account is nevertheless a high-profile reminder of the risks of aggressive tax planning. But at least in Canada, aggressive tax planning like Trump’s may fail to deliver bottom-line savings—and can, in fact, create a great deal of unnecessary risk and costs in the form of penalties and interest. Read Mo‪re...

New Regulations on the Books That Could Affect Your Franchise

Posted by equilease_admin on November 21, 2016

canadian franchise industry

There were a number of significant legal developments this year that affect the Canadian franchise industry, and while they may not need immediate action, it would be good to have them on your radar.

Quebec’s signage laws: As of Nov. 24, 2016, Quebec’s regulation respecting the language of commerce and business will be amended to require that all storefront and rooftop signs meet certain French requirements.

Ontario’s menu laws: Ontario’s Healthy Menu Choices Act comes into effect Jan. 1, requiring  all food service premises with 20 or more outlets in Ontario to post and display the calories in each standard food and beverage item.

B.C.’s franchise laws: On Feb. 1, 2017, British Columbia will become the sixth province to enact franchise laws (Ontario, Alberta, Manitoba, Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick all have laws). Read Mo‪re...

A New Golden Age for Hollywood North

Posted by equilease_admin on November 18, 2016

canadian film tv production

The Canadian movie and TV sector is booming, thanks to the low loonie, skilled crews and an explosion of new shows. Here’s who’s set to benefit

Canada’s motion picture and television production industry is booming. The sector contributed nearly $9 billion to the Canadian economy last year, and generated over 148,000 direct and indirect jobs.

A low Canadian dollar, skilled local crews and a surge in new TV shows contributed to record production numbers. Kristian Roberts, a partner at media and communications consulting firm Nordicity, expects the boom to continue if government incentives for producers remain at current levels and there is adequate capacity at production facilities. “If we keep the competitive advantage intact,” says Roberts, “it’s entirely possible we can sustain this growth.” Read Mo‪re...

Lease Financing for RICOH Digital Production Printers

Posted by equilease_admin on November 8, 2016

finance RICOH C9100 Production Printer

One of our Latest Deals: RICOH Pro C9100 Digital Production Printer $225,000 @ 36 months. Equilease worked with the franchise owner of a commercial printing company in Alberta to obtain a high-speed digital printer that outputs at near-offset quality. Our client is constantly researching & integrating the latest digital print & web-to-print technologies into their business. They approach each job with great care & attention to detail.

About Our Vendor: Ricoh Canada Inc has always been on the forefront of workplace innovation. Yesterday, that meant creating the first office fax machine, enabling people to work smarter, better & faster than ever before. Today, that means information mobility, which is the ability to capture, manage, access & use the information we need — wherever & whenever we need it — driving the results we want. The RICOH Pro C9100 offers a higher degree of personalization with robust print on-demand capabilities. The system can print a wide range of point-of-purchase displays, banners, magnets, envelopes and oversized signs making it an exceptional all-in-one solution for busy print shops.

Equilease provides financing for all makes and models of commercial printing equipment from all dealers. Call 1-800-463-2081 to see how easy it is to lease equipment with us!

3 Workplace Trends Millennials Are Eliminating in 2017

Posted by equilease_admin on November 7, 2016

millennials in the workplace

Millennials will continue to rapidly change the workplace in 2017. Here are three trends that probably won't make it to the next decade.

The work force has never been more diverse, with generations spanning from Baby Boomers to Gen X-ers and beyond. In recent years, however, Millennials (adults aged 19 to 35) have driven the biggest transformation in workplace dynamics. Experts and studies, for instance, tout how the Millennial generation is more collaborative than others and has a strong preference for remote work options. Additionally, Millennial workers are more connected and prefer to use technology to interact and get work done.

Why do these insights matter more now than ever before? According to an analysis from Pew Research Center, more than 30 percent of workers today are Millennials. They recently surpassed Generation X in becoming the largest share of the work force. As more Baby Boomers retire, more and more Millennials will be stepping up to fill management roles.

With Millennials moving into leadership positions, and an even younger generation (Generation Z) preparing to enter the work force, we predict there will be significant changes in office dynamics and operations starting in 2017, and lasting well into the coming years.

Here are some typical workplace practices that will become extinct in 2017 and beyond, as younger generations begin to dominate the work force. Read Mo‪re...

20 Best Business Gifts for Under $25

Posted by equilease_admin on November 3, 2016

best business gifts 2016

With the holiday season fast approaching, it's time for small business owners to start thinking about what gifts to purchase for clients, partners and employees. If you have a budget of around $25 for anyone on your holiday gift list, there are plenty of potential options for you to choose from. Here are 20 great business gifts for $25 or less. Read Mo‪re...

No Rest for Calgary Mattress-Recycling Entrepreneur

Posted by equilease_admin on November 2, 2016

Re-Matt Inc founder Shawn Cable

While touring a department-store warehouse a few years back, Shawn Cable noticed mattresses. A lot of mattresses. Some had been returned by customers after a short trial and couldn’t be resold.

Mr. Cable started thinking: What, he wondered, could be the best way to keep these unwieldy things out of a landfill?

The Calgarian decided to make it his business to rip the things apart and recycle them. He founded Re-Matt Inc. in 2014. With five full-time and three part-time employees, Mr. Cable’s company disassembles between 3,000 and 3,500 mattresses each month, distributing the components – namely steel, foam, cotton and wood – to local and regional recycling partners. Read Mo‪re...

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