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The Secrets To Success for Spin Master, the Toronto Toy Company Behind Hatchimals

Posted by equilease_admin on December 29, 2016

Spin Master co-founder Ronnen Harary says nobody really expected the Hatchimals craze to take off globally

Spin Master believes it can sustain revenue growth in the high teens, as it expands into several new toy categories.

Dramatic growth has come at a price for Spin Master, the Toronto-based entertainment company behind this season’s hit toy, the Hatchimals line of plush creatures.

Although revenue jumped 22.3 per cent year over year to $475 million (U.S.) in the November quarter, product development, distribution, marketing and acquisition-related costs pushed general expenses ahead by 26.2 per cent.

That compares to a 23.8-per-cent increase a year ago for the 22-year-old company, with rising costs in turn driving a 1.3-per-cent year-over-year decline in adjusted operating profit margin. Read Mo‪re...

Lego CEO Shares Leadership Lessons After Rebuilding the Brand

Posted by equilease_admin on December 13, 2016

Lego CEO Jorden Vig Knudstorp Shares Leadership Lessons After Rebuilding the Brand

“President Business” he’s not. Lego’s chief executive, Jorgen Vig Knudstorp, bears little resemblance to the uptight Lego Movie CEO character whose alter ego is a tyrant. He was once a kindergarten teacher. He talks about the importance of executives bringing their “heart” into making tough decisions. Employees made him a Lego mini-figure in his likeness, stamped with this email address and phone number on the back, which he hands out as an amusing alternative to business cards.

But Knudstorp has been, in Lego-speak, a master builder of the company’s turnaround since 2004, when as a 35-year-old he became the family-controlled company’s first outside CEO. At the time, Lego was losing $1 million a day, had overextended itself into categories such as branded children’s clothing, loaded up on debt and rolled out pre-assembled toys that distanced children from the building experience. Read Mo‪re...

Social Media Marketing Statistics Important to Small Businesses

Posted by equilease_admin on December 12, 2016


  • 6 percent of small businesses report using social media to promote their businesses and among them, Facebook is far and away the top platform used
  • 44 percent of local businesses said they depend on social media to generate brand awareness, and 41 percent depend on it to drive revenue.
  • Almost 90 percent of marketers say their social marketing efforts have increased exposure for their business, and 75 percent say they’ve increased traffic.
  • More than 50 percent of marketers who have been implementing social media marketing tactics for two years have reported improved sales.
  • More than 1 in 3 Internet users say they go to social networks when looking for more information about a brand or product. The likelihood of doing this is linked very strongly to age

Read Mo‪re...

How to Slash Your U.S. Shipping Costs

Posted by equilease_admin on December 8, 2016

How Canadian Companies Can Slash U.S. Shipping Costs

Introducing a new shipping system helped Delviro Energy land a spot on the 2015 PROFIT 500

About 10% of Delviro Energy’s 2014 sales came from the United States—an increasingly lucrative revenue stream, given the state of the Canadian dollar—and the Toronto-based company has boosted them by hiring sales agents south of the border.

That contributed to the firm growing its revenues by 2,197% over the past five years, a performance that earned it the #33 spot on the 2015 PROFIT 500 Ranking of Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies.

But shipping its lighting products to the U.S. is expensive, says president Joe DeLonghi, who identified the prohibitive cost as the company’s biggest exporting challenge. DeLonghi’s solution? Read Mo‪re...

Why Mobile is a Retailer’s Best Friend

Posted by equilease_admin on December 7, 2016

using smart phones to track retail shopping patterns

Ubiquitous smartphones and cheap analytics tools are giving store owners what they've long craved: accurate customer data

Before store owner Melissa Davis started using mobile analytics, she didn’t know much about her customers shopping habits aside from how many came into her trendy sneaker shop each day, and how many of them bought a new pair of kicks.

But after signing up last September with Toronto startup Physicalytics, Davis can now tell you the number of people who walk past her Ugly Dukling store at 3 p.m. on a Tuesday, how long the average customer lingers at the window display, and how many times they’ve shopped there.

Using wireless Internet and Bluetooth technology linked to consumers’ smartphones, retailers can now track shopping patterns the same way online retailers have done for years. Read Mo‪re...

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