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What Small Business Owners Can Learn from NFL Superstar Tom Brady

Posted by equilease_admin on August 28, 2017

What Small Business Owners Can Learn from NFL Superstar Tom Brady

Tom Brady and the New England Patriots are the defending Super Bowl champions. They are also projected as the favorite to win the Super Bowl again this season. Playing now in his 17th year as a professional quarterback, Brady’s career arc has been nothing short of spectacular. He went from a lightly-regarded prospect in college to arguably the greatest quarterback in NFL history. As a five-time Super Bowl champion, he has demonstrated winning traits throughout his journey that would help put any business on top. Five lessons we can learn as small business owners from Brady’s triumphs on the gridironRead Mo‪re...

Three Essential Strategies for Women Entrepreneurs Now

Posted by equilease_admin on August 24, 2017

Cathie Reid at the 2017 Dell Women's Entrepreneur Network conference

The hyper-accomplished delegates of the 2017 Dell Women’s Entrepreneur Network conference share their best advice.

Sadaffe Abid’s mission to advance the cause of women entrepreneurs. It’s not an uncommon pursuit in 2017; encouraging more women to go into business for themselves is a cause celebre for everyone from business magnates like Arlene Dickinson to U.S. President Donald Trump to many worthy organizations dedicated to the task. (And that’s putting aside the fact that women-run businesses tend to deliver better financial returns and create more jobs than male-run enterprises.) Read Mo‪re...

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